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The Sales Manager is responsible for increasing revenue for the organization by selling all relevant products to internal and external customers and by acquiring and developing new customers. The Sales Manager builds relationships with customers and suppliers in order to buy or sell products and services. Sales Managers are the experts on the products they sell, the suppliers from whom they purchase, their customers and the countries and local customs of the regions they serve. The Sales Manager knows and maintains current knowledge of the location of all procured products, as well as the position and price of target products at all times. The Sales Manager is ultimately responsible for the profits of his or her trades, managing all aspects of the business relationship between the company and its customers and suppliers. The Sales Manager has responsibility for managing primarily small and medium size accounts. 



Lead Generation 

  • Build pipeline of potential customers or suppliers 
  • Map potential customers and generate new opportunities 
  • Identify potential customers and channels of business and pursue appropriate opportunities. 
  • Collaborate with management to develop and maintain plans for region and/or customer penetration and expansion. 
  • Maintain database of customers, suppliers and products. 
  • Provide data to the sales and purchasing teams to inform the development and maintenance of plans for region and/or customer penetration and expansion. 
  • Review accounts to identify future opportunities. 
  • Work with manager to prioritize opportunities to pursue and how much time and effort is spent on each opportunity. 
  • Participates in supplier selection and qualification activities. 

Sales or Supply Forecasting 

  • Works with manager to forecast price trends and their impact on future activities 
  • Works with manager to forecast levels of demand for services and products 
  • Reviews forecasts and updates frequently in collaboration with manager and internal teams 
  • Analyze historical data by customer and product and identify trends and establish seasonality to sales

Opportunity Identification 

  • Reviews account metrics to identify potential opportunities for sales. Works with manager to determine best approach for realizing profits from potential opportunities. 
  • Partner with internal teams to identify opportunities to present product to customers 
  • Maintains active knowledge of Interra’s product offerings and seeks opportunities to place additional products 
  • Identifies, develops and closes new sales opportunities 
  • Creates demand for the organization's products and services by raising their profile with customers 
  • Analyzes industry trends and sales/product performance. 
  • Work with leadership and internal teams to help define the most likely candidates for higher-opportunity sales efforts - those decision makers who can approve large opportunities that will come to fruition in the near future. 

Develop Marketing Strategies 

  • Collaborates with management to communicate risks associated with certain product marketing strategies to customers. 
  • Develops knowledge of customers and their requirements 
  • Develop packages to best market Interra's offerings to customers - Pricing, Product, Promotion, Placement 
  • Implement the commodity marketing strategy for the facilitation of physical transactions in the spot and forward markets. 

Value Creation 

  • Creates demand for the organization's products and services by raising their profile with customers 
  • Ask directive questions to help the customer/supplier visualize their need for Interra products/partnership. 
  • Maintain expertise on market trends, and serve as subject matter experts to customers 

Internal Communication 

  • Relate full details of deal to internal customer and partner to create action plan 
  • Identify appropriate internal parties to collaborate with in order to drive a deal forward 
  • Prioritizes bids/opportunities and responds promptly. 

Create Favorable Outcomes 

  • Listens to the customer to identify various cost and value levers that can be applied to close the deal. 
  • Negotiates and develops contracts with suppliers 
  • Negotiates with suppliers for good and services, negotiating the best possible price and service guarantee. 
  • Collaborates internally within the department and cross-functionally to develop the best package 
  • Close the deal 

Prepare the Offer 

  • Works with manager to determine boundaries for negotiation 
  • Inputs elements of offer into the order system 
  • Ensures all elements of the deal are aligned to be able to deliver as promised – right time, right price. 

Order Fulfillment: 
Logistics Management 

  • Track delivery of goods through the logistics process 
  • Communicates with customers regarding service or delivery issues 
  • Ensure product is nationalized into country of destination 
  • Communicates with customers/suppliers as directed by Sales Managers 
  • Partner with internal teams to ensure trades are being executed properly 
  • Partners with logistics team to ensure efficient and timely delivery of products. Manages tactical logistics issues, recommends solutions, and communicates follow-up. 

Order Accuracy 

  • Adhere to company policies and procedures regarding sales and purchasing 
  • Manage transactions in the order system 
  • Verify accuracy of delivered product (docs correct, weight correct, spec correct, time correct) 
  • Updates trade information in the order system 

Inventory Management 

  • Ensures that inventories are secure, properly identified and readily accessible to authorized personnel 
  • Partners with purchasing team to obtain product availability and pricing information, ensuring that the information is accurate and timely for the customer 
  • Establishes controls to monitor inventory 
  • Conducts physical inventory counts and reconciles results with inventory records 
  • Develops and communicates product availability and need reports. Maintains active, current knowledge of where all products for transactions are at all times and communicates status to Department. 
  • Ensures that quantities of incoming and outgoing shipments are correct 
  • Conducts analyses of inventory levels, and aligns with requirements 

Credit & Collections: 
Secure Credit Terms 

  • Partners with Credit department to ensure Customer pays within credit terms 
  • Coordinates the completion of all necessary documentation for financing 
  • Manages customer credit risk within established limits 

Risk Management 

  • Monitor the relevant commodity/agricultural market in the area in terms of climatic conditions and competitor activity for the purpose of understanding the potential and risk profile of each portfolio 
  • Monitors and manages supply/product base risk and develop business continuity plans. 

Payments & Invoices 

  • Review invoices and payments and forward to Accounting for processing 
  • Collaborates with Accounting regarding accounting issues (i.e. Short Pays) 

Control Service & Quality: 
Issue Resolution 

  • Partners with logistics to resolve or remedy trade issues. 
  • Investigates any claims, quality issues or feedback from customers or on items purchased. 
  • Reviews purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy, and discusses defects and delivery problems with suppliers and negotiates refunds 

Client Relationship Management 

  • Actively manages customers to further the business relationship and identify opportunities for sales 
  • Develops extensive knowledge of customers and their requirements 

Sales Administration: 
Reporting & Analysis 

  • Reviews and analyzes data and day-to-day processes for opportunities to improve quality and service. 
  • Compiles and provides regular reporting on sales activities (i.e. cold calls, established customer calls, leads) 
  • Reviews and analyzes data and day-to-day processes for opportunities to improve quality and service. 
  • Produce position exposure reports 

Financial Management 

  • Seeks to maximize trade profits by managing costs and margins 



  • Gains and Uses Insight – Seeks to understand customers, suppliers or service providers and the market and applies insights to achieve business results 
  • Drives Innovation – Formulates innovative ideas and approaches to processes, systems or services; seeks and implements opportunities to improve, streamline or re-invent work processes; tries different and creative ways to deal with issues and opportunities. 
  • Delivers Flawless Execution – Actively manages work to ensure the right time and right price for all operations services; demonstrates passion for delivering superior results; strives to continuously improve processes, systems or services. 
  • Builds Value-Based Relationships – Identifies and cultivates internal and external alliances that lead to successful outcomes for the organization and its customers and suppliers; positions the organization for future success by identifying new opportunities through relationships. 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities 

  • Conducts himself/herself with belief in his/her own ideas and ability to be successful. 
  • Ability to prioritize and quickly resolve issues. 
  • Knowledge of MS Office 
  • Is developing an understanding of business, financials, products/services, the market or account needs 
  • Knowledge of internal sales processes and procedures 
  • Explores alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain all parties' support and acceptance; strives for outcomes that are a win-win for all parties involved. 
  • Target Achievement – Ability to achieve sales targets. 
  • Document Processing - Ability to complete and process necessary forms and documents (i.e., expense reports, sales orders) within appropriate time frames. 
  • Rapport Building – Ability to build rapport with existing and potential customers over the phone without meeting a prospective customer face-to-face. 
  • Cross-functional Collaboration – Ability to build rapport with co-workers in order to achieve common goals. 
  • Over the Phone Communication – Effective communication over the phone by adapting tone of voice, volume and speech pace to subtly mirror the tone and style of the customer’s (i.e. formal vs informal). 
  • Demonstrates keen attention to detail; shows concern for all aspects of the job; accurately checking processes and tasks 
  • Compliance - Knowledge of applicable governmental regulations to the trade lane. Ability to consult with customers and the business on regulatory implications and assist customers with regulatory compliance. 
  • Qualification Questioning – Identifying prospective customer needs by asking qualifying questions regarding purchasing strategies, authority, need, competition and buying process in order to discover business needs and issues to help them solve them. 
  • Time Management – Ability to sort and prioritize sales leads based on viability in order to maximize call to sale ratio. 
  • Influencing – Ability to persuade or motivate others to solve problems, build solutions that create results and create positive outcomes and value. 

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience 
  • At least 5years of experience in sales or international trade, preferably with experience in trading nuts, cashews, almonds, and/or tree nuts 
  • Must pass reference and background check 
  • Must hold a valid passport, or ability to obtain one 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Language abilities: Hindi or Mandarin fluency

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